Creating Maps


Maps are a great way to display geographic or address information and are just one of many chart types available in Chart Builder. Mapping is available for any Address and US Address field and can be paired with any numeric or value column.

To build a custom map visualization, just select Custom View in the Analytics tab of your web form or dataset, then click the Add Chart icon and choose Geo Maps as shown below.

Visualization chooser:

Map Types

Once inside the chart builder, you can give you map a name, then select the type of map you'd like to create. At the current time, we support bubble and dot maps but will be adding options for choropleth and heatmap-style maps in the near future.

Value Settings

Once you have chosen your chart name and type, you will then select your Data Column which contains your address information. Any address column that was properly identified when you first connected your dataset will appear in the drop-down menu. If your data set does not contain any address information, the menu will be empty. You can choose any part of an address, including country, state, city, street address or postal code, depending on the specificity you require.

Next, choose the Value Column along with the Value Aggregate. You will see a preview of your map being built on the right side of the page as you build.

Visualization Settings

When you are happy with the values you've selected, you can either save your map and exit or proceed to the visualization tab, where you can select additional options, including the style of the map, its region, the opacity of the data and options for things like borders. As you build, the map on the right will provide you with a real-time preview.

Once complete, you may exit the chart builder and your map will be placed into your Custom View.


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