Working with Tokens


Tokens are parameters or variables which act as containers for data. Tokens can be categorized into Global or Local and can be used across different contexts in the application. Global Tokens, are automatically generated and available in all sections of the application. Local Tokens are defined by the context in which they are generated and are available in specific sections of the platform.

Types of Tokens

System Tokens: Standard and provided by the system.

User-Defined Tokens: Custom tokens defined by users in the context they are in.

Data Tokens: Automatically generated from the rows/columns within a dataset and used to reference values from the data.

Metric Tokens: Automatically generated from the metric attributes such as value, threshold, comparison value.

Tokens Suggestion Box

The suggestion box is a guide to show which tokens are available. It can be accessed by typing {{ into the text field where you want to use a token. The tokens that are available in that specific context will be shown in the list.

From this box you can also access the Tokens Management Modal by clicking on Add/Manage Tokens

Tokens Management:

This view will show the available tokens grouped into tabs depending on the section you are in. An alias can be set for the tokens (except System Tokens) to help identify them later.

For User-Define tokens a value, alias and description can be set.

System Tokens Available:




















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