Email Templates


You can customize the look, feel and layout of your application's emails by taking advantage of Email Templates. You can access email templates on your application's homepage under Settings, or they can also be found inside of the Send Email action as you're building your workflows and page flows.  From the settings panel, click the Current Template link to see a preview of the current template, or click the Templates button to modify or change the template.

Creating Email Templates

After selecting templates, you may choose from any existing template or create a new one.  All of your applications will have a default Application Template provided by Qrvey.

Once inside the template editor, you will be able to design your template.  You can start by giving your template a name and setting whether you'd like to make it your default going forward.  You can then choose your text for the header, body and footer areas of your email. 

If your email will include a link to a web form, results or attachment, the link will appear in the area designated in orange.  This area will be dynamic and cannot be edited, but you can edit the text that appears both above and below this area.  Likewise, the footer containing the unsubscribe link is required to comply with CAN-SPAM requirements and cannot be edited or removed at this time. 

The editing toolbar shown below has a common set of text-editing controls that should be familiar to most users. There are actions for undo, redo, bold, italic and underlining text, as well as controls for text alignment, bulleted and numbered lists, followed by text colors, fonts and sizes and finally, indenting controls and hyperlinks. 

To set the background color of the header, body or footer area, click into any of the three areas and you will see a color picker appear in the upper-right corner.  You may then click and drag too select a color or paste any 6-digit hex value into the box below the color wheel. 

When you are done editing your template, click Save in the lower-right corner to continue.  

Using Email Templates

To use an existing email template, just select the Send Email action in either workflows or page flows.

Next, choose Manage Templates on the right side of the editor and you will be shown the list of existing templates you can choose from.  You may also create a new email design within the Send Email action, and then save it as a new template to be used elsewhere within your application. 


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