Workflow Activity Feed


The activity feed provides a history of events that have occurred within a workflow and allows users to receive notifications when certain events occur. To view the activity feed for a workflow, click Activity in the top toolbar. 

Browsing the Activity Feed

Activity Feeds are conveniently organized with the most recent activity on top. They will show you all of the important events surrounding your flow, from the time you first created and activated it up to the most recent time it ran. The feed is especially useful to verify that notifications like emails and SMS were actually sent to the appropriate parties at the specified times.  

Activity feeds will also display any errors that occur and other items that might require your attention.


The notifications panel can be found in the upper right corner of the Activity Feed.

From this panel, you are able to select what types of email alerts you'd like to receive from this flow. Your options include receiving alerts every time the flow runs, every time an email is sent or only when errors occur, such as a flow being paused or otherwise not completing properly. Email alerts will be sent to your account email address. 


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