Converting Datasets to Web Forms


The best way to get existing data into Qrvey is to use a  spreadsheet upload or connect to an existing database.  Once you have your data imported however, you'll probably want to build web forms on top of it and build it into your applications.  To do this, you must convert your dataset into a web form.  Follow these steps to do so.

First, navigate to the datasets area of your application using the left-hand navigation. If the menu is closed, you can click anywhere on the  orange bar to expand it.

Next, find the dataset you'd like to convert and in the right-hand menu, select Convert to Form.

Note: Converting a dataset to a web form will remove it from the datasets section of your application.  This action cannot be undone, but you can always re-upload a second copy of your data if needed.

After clicking Convert you will find your data moved into the Web Form section of your application.  By default, the web form will be paused so that you can verify that everything went well and make any changes you'd like before activating it.  

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