Working with Datasets


Once you have uploaded or connected to your data, there are some configuration options available in the Data tab of your dataset. 

First, you can click the name of your dataset to rename it or change the description as seen below. If you've connected to your data via SQL or ElasticSearch, you'll also see the connection string information for easy identification at the source. 

Next, in the main panel, you can show or hide columns by checking or unchecking the box on the left. The In Use column to the far right will let you know if a column is currently being used in a report or visualization. 

You can use the Column Alias field to provide user friendly field names for your users and you can modify the data sub-type by using the Data Type drop-down menu. 

Geolocation Groups

If your data includes geolocation data across multiple columns, you can group them into a single geolocation group. Just select Geolocation from the data type menu, then select the fields that make up your location in the modal provided.

Once grouped, you will see a location icon in the geolocation group column.

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