SQL Database Connections


You can quickly connect Qrvey to SQL and Oracle datasets by using the Database Connection feature under Datasets. To begin, click Add Dataset in the Dataset tab, then choose Database Connection, followed by Create New.

Next, choose the type of database you'd like to connect to. Qrvey currently supports MySQL, MS-SQL and Oracle databases. 

Next, enter your connection information, including Host Name, Port, along with your Username and Password. Then click Test and get Databases to verify the information provided. 

If a successful connection is made, the button will turn green and you will be able to select the database you'd like to use for this connection. 

After selecting the database, you can then select your SQL objects.

Finally, you may also copy/paste a SQL query by clicking the SQL button. You may use the Test link in the bottom-right corner to test your query. 

Once all of your objects are selected and verified, you may click the Add button in the lower-right corner to add your new connection to Qrvey. After saving, click the Load Data button in the upper-right to begin loading your data into Qrvey.

The data load may take a few minutes to complete. You may leave this page while the load is in process. Once completed, your database can then be used for analytics and workflows and also for lookups in web forms. 

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