Building Reports


Report Builder is a quick and easy way to build and publish reports. To begin, enter an application and click the Report Builder icon in the left toolbar.

Creating a Report

Once inside report builder, you can begin by clicking Create New Report

Next, provide a name and brief description for your report, then click Create

The Canvas

Once your report has been created, you'll see the main Report Builder interface. In the center, you'll see a blank canvas, on which you can drag components from the element picker along the right. Your report can contain multiple tabs, which can be created, renamed and reordered along the top edge of the canvas. 

The Element Picker

The element picker is comprised of sections. Each section can be expanded and collapsed as you build your report. The top section contains your report information, including the name and description you provided earlier.

The Page Objects section is where you'll find basic elements like text and image blocks. These components can be dragged onto the canvas, where you can position and resize them to fit the content you'd like to add. Images can be uploaded from your computer, while text can be formatted with size, font, color and style options. 

In the Elements section, you can choose from analytic and metric components you've already created. First, you'll choose the dataset, then the name of the desired component. Once dragged onto the canvas, these too can be positioned and resized as desired.  

In the Filters section, you can quickly apply global filters to your report. To begin, just click the Add Filter button.

Next, choose your data source and column in the dialog window, then apply the appropriate filters. The filters dialog will change depending on the data type of the field(s) selected. 

Manipulating Elements

To manipulate elements that have been placed on the canvas, simply mouse over them to bring up the control handles.  Click and drag in the upper left corner to reposition an element. Click and drag in the lower-right corner to resize. Clicking the X in the upper-right corner will remove an element from the canvas.  

Elements that are added to your canvas are dynamic and will automatically update in real-time as the underlying data changes. 

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