Basic Analytics


All Qrvey web forms and datasets include beautiful data analytics to help you make sense of your data, spot trends and make smarter decisions.  In this article, we'll provide an overview of the different types of analytics that are available.

To access Analytics, just click on any web form or dataset inside of your application, then look for the Analyze tab.


Qrvey allows your data to be viewed in multiple formats.

  • Summary - prebuilt visualization panels for each field, question or column.
  • Tabular - a familiar spreadsheet-style view of your data.
  • Custom - build your own custom visualizations with Chart Builder. 
Note: Some web forms, such as NPS, Quiz and Checklist, also feature other views specific to those form types.



At the top of all web form analytics is the histogram, which lets you see exactly when your submissions were received by day, week or month.  The histogram is dynamic and will automatically adjust the date ranges based on the data available.  The histogram can be viewed as a line or bar chart. You can also apply filters to the histogram by clicking Filter and selecting the exact dates you'd like to analyze. Time Series analysis is discussed later in this article.


Click on the Filter button next to any question to show only the responses you want to see. You can select one, some or all answers as needed. To learn more about filters, click here.


Adding buckets will allow you to group multiple answers into a single line to make comparisons easier. To learn more about buckets,  click here.


If your web forms include branching, look for the branch icon on the panel of the question where your branching begins.

Clicking on this icon will show/hide the panels for the question branches.

Panels that are part of a branch include a blue title bar that includes the branching icon.

Drill Down

Drill down allows you to view the data behind any custom line, bar or symbol chart that you build in the chart builder.  To access it, just click on any data point within your custom chart. Choose See Data from the menu if you'd like to see a Tabular View of the data, or select the name of the column you'd like to drill down into.  Your chart will redraw according to your selections.

To return to any point in your drill down, just look for the breadcrumbs below the chart.

Time Series

Time series lets you see how your submissions are changing over time. You can activate time series by clicking on the Time Series button in the histogram. Optionally, you can activate the time Slider so scroll through your responses day by day or by whatever time period you wish. 

Export & Share

You can quickly export or share any or all of your data by looking for these icons at the top of the page and next to each field. You have many options to choose from, including JPG and PDF as well as links for sharing via email and social media. 

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