Summary View


Every web form and dataset connected to Qrvey will automatically generate a Summary View, which provides a quick look into your data. To access summary view, just navigate to the web form or dataset, then click the Analyze tab.

Summary view provides a panel for each column or field in your data, providing different levels of summary information depending on the field type. In the example below, you'll see bar charts for three numeric fields, but the visualizations and information display will vary.

In the upper-right corner of each panel, you'll find options to apply filters and also to download or share each individual panel. 

These same options are also available in the upper-right corner of the page, only here you will receive the entire page, as opposed to an individual panel. 


You can apply filters to any summary panel by clicking the filter icon. This will bring up a filter dialog box. The exact filter options will vary depending on the field type of the panel. All changes are immediately applied to summary view. 

All of the applied filters are aggregated in the Filters panel on the right side of the page. Here, some or all of your filters can be quickly enabled or disabled. Use the Reset All link to remove all filters from summary view. 

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