Filtering Data


You can quickly analyze your data in even more detail by applying filters. This article will show you how.  

To start, navigate to the Analyze tab in any web form or dataset, then view the data in either Summary or Detailed View.  Next, select the field you'd like to apply a filter on then choose Filters from the three-dot menu in the lower-right corner.

Once inside the filter panel, you can toggle answer choices on/off as needed.  This panel will vary slightly depending on the type of field you've selected.  Text, numeric and date field types will all appear slightly different.  Click Apply to see your results.

Once a filter has been applied, all of the fields in your data will update accordingly, showing you only the data you've selected.  You can quickly see what filters have been applied by looking for the orange highlights as seen below.

Click on the filter icon in the upper-right corner of the page to display the filter panel. This panel can be shown or hidden as needed. The icon will appear orange when filters have been applied and blue when there are no filters. 

Inside the filter panel, you can toggle filters on and off individually or all at once. You can also reset all filters by clicking the Reset Filters link at the top of the panel. Click the arrow to the right of each filter if you wish to edit or remove an individual filter. 


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