Bucketing Data


Bucketing is a powerful feature in Analytics that allows for the grouping of multiple answers into a single item, or bucket, to make analysis easier. 

Note: Bucketing is currently available for Multiple Choice, Numeric, Date, Slide Bar and Image question types.

Creating Buckets

To create a bucket, first navigate to the Analyze tab of your web form or dataset, then in Summary or Detailed View, choose Buckets from the menu in the lower-right corner of the field you'd like to bucket.  

Next, create the buckets you'd like by typing their names in box and hitting enter as seen below.

Once you have created your buckets, simply assign each individual item to the appropriate bucket.  You may add some or all of your answers into buckets, but each answer can only be assigned to one bucket at a time.  The bucketing interface will appear different for numeric and date-based field types.  

After making all of your bucket selections, just click Apply to return to Analytics.  You will now see your answers grouped into the buckets you created. Items that were not assigned to a particular bucket will remain as individual items in your results. 

Removing Buckets

You can remove buckets by returning to the bucket dialog box and clicking Reset or you may click the Reset All Settings at the top of the Analytics page. Items being removed from a bucket will return to appearing individually in your results.  


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