Custom Calculations


Custom calculations are available in Tabular View and allow you to create custom columns inside your data that can be used for analysis in other areas, such as chart builder. 

Note: Custom calculations are currently only available for forms. They will be coming to other web forms soon.

To access calculations, just looking for the formula symbol in the upper right corner of the tabular view. 

You will then be presented with a custom calculations window where you can find and manage all of your existing calculations. To create a new calculation, click the Add Custom Calculation button. 

Next, give your new calculation a name and begin entering your formula. The available functions are visible in the lower lefthand corner of the screen and are organized into string, date and numeric categories. All of the data fields that are available to you are also visible. 

Dynamic data fields use the Qrvey token format of double curly braces {{ }} as shown below.

When you have the formula you want, click Test in the upper right corner to verify that there are no errors in your formula.  You will see the green confirmation message below if your formula is working correctly.  

You may edit your existing formulas at any time by returning to the formula panel.  Formulas can be edited, duplicated or deleted as needed.  

Once you have saved your formula, it will appear in tabular view along side your other data columns.  


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