Advanced Text Analysis


Qrvey has partnered with IBM Watson to provide advanced text analysis insights on all text-based data, including short text, long text and NPS comment fields.  In this article, we'll provide a quick overview of what's available. 

Note: Advanced Text Analysis is not available on all Qrvey subscriptions plans. 

When data is first collected by Qrvey, all text-based fields will be sent to Watson for analysis.  When you apply a filter to any text field in Analytics, you'll see the results of this analysis.  

First, you'll see a list of the most commonly-used keywords amongst all of the text collected.  Next, you'll see a breakdown of the sentiment, positive or negative.  Third, you will see a list of key phrases, which are groups of words that have been commonly used in the data.  Finally, there are entities, which may include multiple words or phrases to describe a single person, place or object.  

As with all text analysis services, there is alway room for error.  This should always be factored into the analysis of any text-based data.  


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