Metric Builder


Metric Builder is a powerful feature that allows you to build custom metrics so you can keep an eye on your most important data at a glance. With Metric Builder, you can build one of three different gauges below and add it to your dashboard. Metrics can also be used as part of a workflow automation. 


Dial Gauge

Bullet Gauge

Building a Metric

To build your first metric, enter your application, then click the Dashboard icon on the lefthand menu. When presented with the image below, click Add Metric to continue.

If you are already familiar with  Chart Builder, you'll find the layout below familiar. You can make your selections on the left and your metric will appear on the right in real-time as you construct it. There are three tabs across the top of the panel for metric, thresholds and visualization options. 

The Metric tab is where you'll define the data that makes up your metric. You can provide a name and description, then choose the dataset and value column. There are also options for aggregates, time periods and comparison data.

In the Thresholds tab, you can choose to provide color-coded ranges for your data. Typically, people use three thresholds to indicate good, bad and in-between ranges for their metrics. You can provide each threshold a name and assign it a color.

Finally, in the Visualization tab, you can choose which type of visualization type you'd like, and set additional color, size and display options. These will vary depending on the type of metric you select. Once you are happy with your settings, click Save in the lower-right corner and your metric will be added to your dashboard, where it can then be used for pages, reports and workflows. 

Your Dashboard

Once you are happy with your metric, you may save it and it will be added to your dashboard. You may add as many metrics as you'd like and they can be organized and arranged however you'd like 


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