Checklist is the perfect app for performing quick status checks with friends, family or coworkers. Respondents are presented with a simple checklist that can be quickly answered from anywhere and you can instantly see what's been completed and what's still left to do.

Creating a Checklist

From inside your application, choose  Web Forms from the menubar on the left. The menu can be expanded and collapsed by clicking anywhere along the orange bar.

Then click the Create Web Form button, select Checklist from the list of Web Form options and then click Create New

Next, you can give your checklist a title and description by clicking on the title box. You also have the option to display this information as a title page before your checklist begins.

You may now begin adding up to 15 items to the first section of your checklist. Clicking the plus icon will add new items to your list, minus will remove items from your list.

If you'd like to add additional sections to your checklist, click the + icon either underneath or between your sections, then choose New Section. You also have the option to Add Text, which will provide respondents with a panel where you can add comments, instructions or additional information before they answer your checklist.

To remove a section, click the three-dot menu in the lower right corner of the section, then choose Delete. Your checklist must include at least one section, so the delete option will not appear until you have created at least two sections. 

At the bottom of the checklist you'll find the E-mail request area where you can choose to ask respondents for an email address so that you can identify them later. If you'd like to make an email address mandatory, simply check the box, then provide a label or instruction in the space provided.  You also have the option to allow multiple responses from a single individual.  If you do not want to allow duplicates, just check the corresponding box and each email address provided will only be allowed to answer once.

If at any time you'd like to see what your checklist will look like to those filling it out, you can click the Preview button in the upper right. 

Customizing Checklists

All Qrvey web forms can be customized to fit the look and feel of your brand.  To learn more about customization and in-context embedding options, please read our  Customizing Web Forms article.

Publishing Your Checklist

When you are happy with your checklist and customizations, you can proceed to the Publish tab to active it and being using it. 

On the Publish tab, click Activate to allow your form to be viewed.  You can make changes to your forms at any time by clicking Pause. If you'd like to deactivate your form permanently, click End

To learn more about the many places you can use your web form, visit   Publishing Web Forms.


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