Working with Fields


Whether your web form is using questions or fields, or a combination of both, you'll probably be interested to learn about these other handy things you can do with them. 

Reordering Fields

You can quickly reorder the questions and fields in your web forms just by clicking and dragging on the reorder icon as shown below.

Field Status

You also have the option of making your questions and fields Required, Optional or Hidden.  The field's current state will be displayed in orange in the upper-right corner and you can change the status in the lower-right menu. Required fields must be completed before the respondent will be allowed to submit the form.  Optional fields may be skipped or left blank. Hidden fields are shown only to you as the form's creator, but not to any respondent completing the form.  

Other Options

Also in the lower-righthand menu are options for duplicating and deleting a field, both of which come in handy from time to time. 

Archiving Fields

When initially designing your web form, you may make whatever changes you'd like.  However, once your web form has been activated and data has been collected, you will not be able to delete any existing fields.  You are able to archive them, which is the next best thing.  

On the Publish tab, first pause your web form, then click back to the Design tab.  You'll now see an Archive link in the menu options. 

Archiving fields will remove them from all forms, sub-forms, pages and workflows where they appear, and also on all analytic pages, so be sure you're not using the field somewhere else before you archive it.  

All of your archived fields are not gone forever, they appear in a link in the upper-right corner of the design tab. 

Clicking on this link will allow you to restore any archived field. 


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