Take your surveys even further by adding dynamic content using pipes. Piping allow the answer from one question to be automatically inserted into other questions, answers or both.  

Note: Pipes can only be added to multiple choice and yes/no questions where your respondents are selecting a single answer.

To create a pipe, first create your question, then click the + Piping icon as seen below to assign a name to the answer a user selects.

Once you have created a pipe, you can recall it later on by typing "#" and the name you assigned as seen below. Pipes can be used in either questions or answers. 

Here is what your respondents will see with the above example.  In this first question, your respondent will choose their favorite fruit.

Then in the second question, the answer from the first question will be shown like this. 

Piping is a powerful feature that can be used as often as you'd like within your surveys.

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