Lookups Using Google Sheets


You can use values from Google Sheets for your lookup tables. In this article, we'll show you how.

Preparing your Google Sheet

To begin, log into your Google account and navigate to Sheets, part of Google Docs, and then to the specific Sheet you'd like to work with.  Your data should be formatted in columns, as shown below.  You can use Row 1 as your column header if you'd like, but this is not required.  While only one column is required for lookups, your sheet can have as many columns as you'd like and you can specify a second column for values in a later step.  

Once you've ensured that your data is formatted correctly and is ready for use, click the blue Share button in the upper right corner. 

Then, if you haven't done so already, click Get shareable link which Qrvey will use to import your data.

In order for Qrvey to read your Sheet, you will have to set the proper access permissions. Qrvey will need "Anyone with the link can view" permissions.  If this is not the default, select More from the drop-down menu.

Then set the permissions on the share link to include "Anyone with the link" and then down below, set "Can view".  Edit permissions are not required. To apply these settings, click Save.

Importing your Google Sheet 

Back inside of Qrvey, create a Lookup question inside of your web form.  Provide the label or instructions for your lookup, then choose Google Sheet from the lookup options, paste in your sharing link and click Connect.

If you receive an error connecting to your Google Sheet, verify your permission settings.

Once a connection has been successfully made, you can select the sheet you'd like to use, followed by the display column (which will be shown to users) and the value column (optional - the value you'd like to record with this form submission). In this example, we're choosing to display the full state name, but save only the state abbreviation.  After making your selections, click Apply.

What Users Will See

Once you have configured your lookup, your users will see the values from your sheet in a dropdown menu as shown below, or if you have selected Advanced Lookup, they will be shown a dialog box with search capabilities. 


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