Subforms allow you to have multiple versions of the same web forms for different situations. You can show, hide and reorder fields in your subforms but still have all of the data contained in your master form.  

Creating a Subform

To create a subform, first navigate to your application, then select Web Forms from the left-hand menu. In the web form dashboard, find or create a form that will serve as your original, or master, form.   

Note: subforms are currently only available on Forms. They will be coming to other web form types soon.

Once you have located your master form, select Create Subform from the arrow menu on the right. 

You can then give your subform a name and description by clicking on the top section of the form.

Below that section, you will find all of the fields and questions from your master form in their original order.  Next, choose whether to make these columns editable, read only or hidden to the viewers of this subform.  Fields can also be reordered if needed by clicking and dragging the four-arrow ion on the left. 

Use Case: Imagine a form where an employee requests a vacation, which then must be approved by HR. In the employee subform, you'd have all of the employee-facing fields visible, but the HR approval fields hidden. In the HR subform, you may have the original fields marked as read-only, but the approval fields editable.

You can preview your new subform at any time by clicking the orange Preview button in the upper right.  

Subforms can be customized just like master forms. When you are ready to publish your subform, select Publish from the top navigation and activate it. 

When you return to your web form dashboard, you will see your subform linked to its master.

Subforms in Analytics

All of the analytic functions for your subforms can be found under the Analytics tab of the master form since all of the data for subforms also flows into the master form. For more information on analytics, click here.

Subforms in Workflows

You can select subforms individually within any of your workflow automations. Just look for the subform name in the drop down menu as shown below.  


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