Embedding in Squarespace


Use the following steps to embed a Qrvey web form into a Squarespace website.  

In Squarespace, navigate to the page where you'd like to embed your web form and then click Edit to make changes to the section of the page where you'd like the form to display.  

Move your mouse to where you'd like to embed the web form, then look for the icon to add a new content block as seen below. 

Click the add icon, then choose Embed from among the basic content blocks.

Next, click on the </> icon to manually enter the Qrvey embed code.

You'll find the embed code you need on the Publish tab of your web form inside of Qrvey. Choose the iFrame option, then click Copy code to quickly copy it to your clipboard. 

Finally, paste the embed code into Squarespace. Be sure to set the width and height attribute to the desired size.  Note that web forms require a minimum width of 320 pixels.  When you're happy with your selections, click Set and then Apply on the previous dialog box.  

When completed, your embedded form will look like the image below.  You can click Edit and then </> to make changes to the size of your form as needed.   

Be sure to save your changes when complete.

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