Embedding in Tumblr


You can easily embed any Qrvey web form into a Tumblr blog.  Here are the steps you'll need.

Preparing your Web Form

To begin, first make sure that your Qrvey web form is ready for embedding.  Open the form and navigate to the Customize tab as seen below, then select the In-Context View to see how your form will look once it's embedded.  To learn more about customization options, see here.

When you are happy with your in-context selection, navigate to the Publish tab and activate your web form. Once activated, you can select the In-Context publishing option and copy that code to your clipboard so we can paste it into your Tumblr in the next section.

Adding your Form to Tumblr

Log into your Tumblr account and in the upper right menu, select Edit appearance

Next, from the left menu, select Custom theme Edit HTML >

Scroll to the bottom of the HTML code and look for the </body> tag, which should be among the last few lines of code. 

Just above the </body> tag, paste the In-context embed code that you copied from Qrvey.  It should look similar to the image below.

Once you have pasted the code, click the blue Save button at the top of the code, then the arrow in the top left to leave the editor.  You may be asked to re-publish you page upon leaving.

Note: The preview in the right-hand pane does not run scripts and therefore will NOT display your embedded Qrvey.  After you click Save you can view your Tumblr in a different browser tab or window and the web form will be shown.

In our example, we chose the Left Tab option for our embed, so you'll see our Event RSVP tab on the left of our page.  Clicking the tab displays the Event RSVP form as seen below. 


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