Embedding in Wix.com


You can easily embed any Qrvey web form into a website at Wix.com.  Here are the steps.  

In the Wix editor, select Add from the lefthand menu to add a new component to your page. Then navigate to the More section at the very bottom of the list and finally choose to Embed a Site.

You will then see the new component on your webpage.  Drag this component to the area of the page where you'd like it to be and resize it to fit the space desired. The space required will depend on the type of web form you're looking to embed.  

Once you have your component in the correct size and position, click Enter Website Address (or the gear icon) and type in the URL for your web form.

The URL you'll need can be found on the Publish tab of the web form inside of Qrvey.  

By default, Qrvey will provide you with a short URL that uses our qrvey.me redirect service and is perfect for sharing on social media.  Unfortunately, Wix will not accept this redirect.  If you paste the qrvey.me URL into your web browser, you will be redirected to a longer URL that looks like the one below.  This is the URL you will need to copy into Wix. 

Example URL for Wix: https://app.qrvey.com/app/take-qrvey/index.html?q=xxxxxxx

After you've pasted the Qrvey URL into Wix, click Update and your web form will magically appear on your Wix website. Don't forget that your web form can be customized to fit the look and feel of any website or brand. 

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