Embedding in Wordpress


For security reasons, Wordpress does not allow for the embedding of dynamic web content like the iFrames and Javascript that Qrvey web forms require.  To enable this functionality, you will need to first install a Wordpress plugin. There are many plugins available to accomplish this task.  The right one for you will depend on your specific version of Wordpress and any other plugins you may already have installed.  

If you're a seasoned Wordpress user, you'll likely already know how to navigate to the plugins area and search for new plugins.  Searching for the keyword iFrame will get you the list of available options.  The image below shows the first few results that came up at the time of this writing.  We have not tried any of these examples, they are merely for reference purposes.   

Once you have a suitable iFrame plug-in installed, you'll then be able to navigate to the Publish tab inside of your web form and select the iFrame embed code you'll need.

Adding this embed code to Wordpress should simply be a matter of copy and paste, depending on the plugin you chose.


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