What is Qrvey?


Qrvey is an all-in-one data platform that can be used to build a variety of web-based information applications. Its power comes from the many different components that are available and the simplicity of combining those components to do different tasks. 

At a high level, Qrvey offers the following functionality:

    1. Data Collection - Qrvey has a series of different Web Forms , including forms, surveys, quizzes and checklists, for collecting new information. 

    2. Data Connections - Qrvey connects to existing databases and repositories, including ElasticSearch, SQL-based systems and simple CSV uploads. 

    3. Analytics - All of the data in the forms and datasets listed above can be analyzed using Qrvey's powerful analytics engine. There are pre-built visualizations that are automatically applied to your data, but you can also build your own with our Chart Builder and Metric Builder.

If Qrvey had stopped there, it would be a pretty powerful data collection and analytics tool, but the platform extends even further by adding:

    4. Workflows - Qrvey has a built-in automation engine that is constantly monitoring your data for changes and updating your charts, metrics and analytics in real-time. These automation services can be used to build workflows for alerts, notifications, data write-backs and countless other data-related tasks. 

    5. Information Applications - Using Page Builder, creators like yourself can combine all of Qrvey's components onto web pages to build entire information applications. Individual pages can include any combination of forms, charts, metrics and analytics, as well as standard web components like text, images, headers and footers. These pages can then be combined with navigation and user authentication to make complete, self-contained applications that can be distributed as needed. 

All of the functionality described above can not only be accessed using Qrvey's web interface, but it's also available to developers via API and widgets so that any portion of the Qrvey platform can be embedded into other applications. 

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