Page Navigation


You can combine multiple pages together into a complete information application by using the Navigation tab to add a simple menu that will appear on all of your pages.

To begin, click on the Navigation tab, then choose to "Allow users to see navigation menu". Next, select the pages you'd like to add from the left column and drag them onto the right column. You may reorder them in any order you'd like. 

Once you have your menu ordered correctly, you may then publish your application by clicking Publish Application in the top toolbar. 

You can use the link icon to launch your application and see what your users will see. 

Note: In order to publish your application, you will need to add at least one page to the navigation menu, even if it will not be visible to users.

After your application is published, your users will see a drop-down menu atop all of your pages so they can easily navigate between the pages you've selected. Only published pages will appear to users.

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