Advanced Lookups

The Lookup field type offers a number of different options for populating your answer choices. In this article, we'll outline the available options. 

Web Forms 

You may select any active Qrvey form or survey populate your answers. After selecting your web form, you may choose from the available fields to use as your display and value columns. If there are records present in your form, sample data will be displayed below your selections to confirm you've made the correct choices.

You may add additional display columns by clicking the + button to the right of the value column. To remove an extra display column, just click the X next to the column name. 


Your lookup can also be populated from spreadsheet data. You can select from any uploaded CSV file by selecting Spreadsheet, then the file. The process works the same as it does for web form data. 

Live Connections

Live Connection allows you to populate lookups using data from any existing live connected datasource. Select the dataset, followed by the display and value columns. 

External Connections

Finally, external connections allows you to use any additional connection you've made in the Datasets area. To add an existing connection, you will need to select the data source, database and a table/view. Once selected, you may choose your display and value columns.  

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