Quiz 101

Quizzes are a fun way to engage respondents and collect feedback, while also giving one lucky respondent bragging rights for being the best of the best.   In this article, we'll look at how quizzes work and how to create them.  


Creating a Quiz

Creating a quiz is just like creating an online survey or other questionnaire in Qrvey.  Start by clicking Create New on your dashboard, then select Quick Quiz from the menu.  Then give your quiz a name and description.



Once in the Design tab, you may choose from a variety of question types that are suitable for quizzes.



When you have chosen your question type, you may then enter your question and answer choices. You must select the correct answer on the left.


You may also assign points to each question in the upper-righthand corner of the question. By default, all questions are assigned 10 points each. 


Once you are happy with your quiz design, you may continue to the Share tab to set your options for distributing your quiz. By default, all quizzes are set to never expire, but if you wish, you can set a duration when all responses must be received by. 

All respondents will be asked for their email address at the end of the quiz so you will be able to identify each response.  

You may also choose whether you'd like to receive an email notification every time a new response is received.  


When you are happy with all of your selections, just click Activate to begin collecting responses.  Once activated, you can share your quiz via link, email or social media by choosing the appropriate button as seen below.