Time Series Analysis

Time series lets you see how your responses are changing over time. You can activate time series by clicking on the Time Series button in the histogram. 



This will activate a time series icon within each of your questions.  



When clicked, you will see a day by day breakdown of what the responses were for that specific question during the selected time period.



If you'd like to see how ALL of your questions have been changing at the same time, you can activate the time Slider button. When activated, you will see a slide bar appear below the histogram. Selecting a date on the slide bar will change all of the question panels to display only the responses received during that time period. 

There is even a handy play button to the left of the slider, which will scroll through the dates displayed in the histogram automatically. 




Time series becomes more valuable as more responses have been collected.  We don't recommend time series for new qrveys or those with only a few or sporadic responses.