Exploring the Qrvey Playground

PLAY Mode is sample Qrvey account that allows users to interact with preloaded data and features within the platform. It requires no sign-up and is a public environment that is shared by all visitors.


Because the playground is open to everyone, some features — like the activation of qrveys and workflows — are restricted protect the integrity of the account. You are however, able to explore the full creation process for qrveys and workflows, you just won’t be able to publish them.

If you're interested in exploring all of Qrvey in an unrestricted environment, you can also sign up for a Free 14-Day Trial.


Creating Qrveys

If you’d like run through the process of what it would be like to create a qrvey, click the “Create New” button on the dashboard. You’ll be given the option to create one of our many types of feedback methods including Survey, Form, NPS, Audience Poll, On-Page Poll, Checklist and Progressive Questions. You can learn more about each type of qrvey application here.



You can start fresh with a blank qrvey or use a pre-built template, then begin adding or modifying your questions in the Design tab.




The Customize tab allows you to select an existing theme, upload a logo or modify the colors of your qrvey. If you plan on embedding your qrvey into a website or other application, you can also set how you'd like your qrvey to appear by using the In-Context options.  




The Publish tab is where you would activate and share your qrvey or copy/paste the HTML code to embed it into your website.  Since the playground does not support activation, you will need to sign up for a Free 14-Day Trial of Qrvey if you'd like to explore these options further.  



What if I was able to click the “Activate” button, what would happen?

Once you click “Activate,” your qrvey would begin collecting responses and you would be presented with various options for sharing your qrvey via email, social media or embedding it directly into your website or application using an iFrame or direct embed.  



Answering Qrveys

Want to see what a respondent would see when taking a qrvey?  Just click on the Publish tab of any active qrvey and and then click the Preview button.  Please note that your responses will not be saved while in the playground. You can still view sample results though, just keep reading!




Exploring Analytics

Qrvey's Analytics platform allows users to view and analyze the data they've collected or connected to via other means.  You can explore the sample data the playground has already collected by clicking See Results next to any qrvey on your dashboard. 

To learn more about the many powerful features of Analytics, click here.



Explore Workflow

Workflows are where you'll find Qrvey's automation and integration platform. Here you'll be able to create workflows to take actions on new responses as they're received or schedule questions or results to be sent out at regular intervals.  

You can learn more about Automation and how to create your own workflows by clicking here.

Note that you will not be able to activate workflows in the playground, but feel free to explore and modify the samples provided.



Signing Up For A Free Trial

If at any time you’d like to start your free 14-day trial of Qrvey, click the Start Your Free Trial link in the upper right corner of the playground. You’ll be prompted to provide an email and set a password. Our free trial will give you full unrestricted access to all of Qrvey.  



Still have a question about the playground? Check out our Help Desk for complete documentation or contact support if you need further assistance.