Survey Publishing Options

Qrvey makes it easy to collect responses from just about anywhere. In this article, we'll discuss the different ways you can publish your surveys, forms and checklists.  

After you activate your qrvey, you will b presented with a number of publishing options, which may vary slightly depending on the type of qrvey you've created. For surveys, the publishing options will look like this:




Shareable URL

The shareable URL is the easiest way to distribute your questions and start collecting responses.  Just copy and paste the link provided and add it to your website, emails, marketing or wherever you'd like. 


Embedding Options

There are two options available for embedding your questions directly into a website, blog or application.  The simple method is to use an iFrame, which essentially just creates a small window on your website that points directly to your questions.

The second option is to select In-Context. Using this method, you must first select your embedding options in the Customize tab before you activate your qrvey.  To learn more about customizing and in-context options, see this article. 


Social Media Publishing

Qrvey makes it easy to share your questions with friends or colleagues on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Just click the appropriate button and follow the instructions provided. 


Share via Email

Finally, you can share your qrvey via email by clicking the Email button, which will open your default mail client with a link to your qrvey already pre-populated for you.


Share with Automation

Once your qrvey is active, it can also be shared automatically as part of a workflow or scheduled to be sent on a regular basis. You can also create triggers to automatically make things happen when responses are received for your qrvey.  To learn more about Qrvey's automation options, see here.