Accepting Payments with Stripe

You can connect your Qrvey account with and accept payments right from inside your form. In this article, we'll show you how.


Why Use Stripe?

Stripe is a software platform that allows anyone to accept payments over the Internet.  It is a powerful, yet user-friendly service that can be integrated with a multitude of websites, blogs and other online services, including Qrvey.  Signing up for Stripe is fast and free, but you will incur normal processing fees for all payments that you receive. See for more details.  

Once connected to Stripe, you can easily add credit card payments to your forms just by selecting Credit Card as a field type.  


Connecting to Stripe

To begin, you'll need to navigate to the Configuration section of Qrvey from the left nav bar:



Then select Connect to Stripe as seen below:



This link will direct you to Stripe, where you can log into your existing account or create a new one.  



NOTE: In order to link Stripe with Qrvey, you will need to use the SAME email address for both services.


Once you have successful connected Stripe to Qrvey, you can then navigate to the Design tab of your Form and select the Credit Card question type. 



If your Stipe account has not successfully be linked, choosing the Credit Card question type will direct you back to the configuration page. 


Using Stripe

Once you have connected your Stripe account and have a Form with a Credit Card field active, respondents can securely enter their payment information and submit their payments with the rest of their responses.  

It is important to note that Qrvey does not see, collect or store any payment information, the transaction is occurring directly between you and your respondent via Stripe.  Qrvey only records that a transaction took place and offers a token that you can use laster to reference the transaction.   

Refunds and transaction disputes are handled at and Qrvey is not party to those transactions.  

Stripe is a paid service and you will incur Stripe's normal transaction fees for any payments that you collect via our service.  Qrvey does not charge any additional fees for adding credit card payments to your forms.