General FAQ

What is Qrvey?

Technically speaking, Qrvey is an Internet-based micro-survey platform, but we like to think of ourselves as the place to go when you need to ask questions and get answers back in a hurry. 


How do you pronounce Qrvey?

n. [kur-vey] Qrvey is short for "quick survey."  


Who is Qrvey for?

Qrvey is for everyone, individuals and businesses, to quickly poll their friends, followers and customers to obtain insights and see trends over time.


Is Qrvey for business or personal use?

Both.  Qrvey is the perfect tool for polling your customers, employees and business associates about your latest product offerings as well as for polling your friends or social media followers about where's the best place to eat in a new city.


How much does Qrvey cost?

Qrvey is currently free to all users.  We will eventually have paid pricing plans for those who want advanced features or plan to send out high volumes of Qrveys each month.


Can I edit an active Qrvey?

No. Once your Qrvey is active and collecting responses, it cannot be edited since that would alter any responses you've already received.


What web browsers does Qrvey support?

Qrvey currently supports all modern web browsers including the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. Qrvey works great on desktops, tablets and on iOS and Android mobile platforms. Users that are using an unsupported browser will be asked to try Qrvey on a supported browser.


How can I run my Qrvey again?

From your dashboard, just click on the "three dot" icon on the right, then select "duplicate qrvey" and a copy will be placed back into draft mode where you can edit and activate again. 


Which Qrvey app should I choose for my project?

To learn more about all of Qrvey's apps and where best to use them, check out our video. 


How do I add my picture to my Qrvey profile?

Qrvey uses which is a free service where you can upload your profile picture once and see it displayed across multiple sites.  Give it a try.  As long as you use the same email address on both sites, Qrvey will automatically pull your latest image.