Viewing Survey Results

You did it!  You made your survey and sent it out into the world.  Now what?  Now it's time to view your results, which ironically, is exactly what this article describes. 

To begin, click the "See Results" link next to your survey on your dashboard, or click the "Analyze" tab in the top toolbar if you're currently in the Design or Publish tabs.



Your survey results begin with a histogram of when your responses were received. This chart can be viewed as either a line or bar chart and it can be grouped to show hours, days or months as needed.   



Throughout your results you will see the following icons for downloading and sharing. You can perform these actions for your survey as a whole or for individual questions as needed. Results may be downloaded in either JPG, PDF or CSV formats and can be quickly shared via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or email. 

Results are viewable in three different formats. You can choose from either a Detailed View or a more condensed Summary view.  If you're viewing on the go, Summary view will likely become your best friend. Qrvey also offers a Cross Tabulation view for more detailed analysis and an Individual Responses view to examine responses one at a time.




Each question type will display its results slightly differently. For all questions however, you will see the total number of respondents and the average time it took them to answer each question.  

You also have the option to see the individual responses for each question in the lower right if you'd like to drill down into the details. 

Some questions will allow for sorting the results as needed. 




If your survey includes branches, you'll find those results listed under the question where they were added, connected by a series of dotted lines in Detailed View.  



Branches can easily be expanded and collapsed as desired. 



In Summary view, you will find a branch icon in the lower corner of each panel that will expand the branch for that question.


Other Info

If you open the filters panel on the left, by clicking on the  icon, you will find additional information about your survey, including the total number of questions, respondents and the average time it took all respondents to answer. You can also quickly filter respondents by those who are and are not identified by their email address. 

Clicking on Responses will allow you to see all of the answers for each respondent individually. 



Advanced Features

Qrvey Analytics has a number of advanced featured that can greatly enhance your analysis. Use the following links to learn more about: