Results Sharing


When you're responding to a survey, it's helpful to know where your answers will be shared after you submit your answers.

Qrvey is unique in that we allow respondents to see and share the results of the surveys they've participated in.  This article details the four different types of qrveys we offer and how results are shared for each one.

Before you begin any survey, you will be presented with a title page that displays the name and description of the survey, along with a note that will tell you which type of qrvey you are responding to.


Most surveys are public surveys. With a public survey, all respondents will be shown the aggregated results (the totals for each question) when the survey ends, but only the qrvey maker will have access to the individual results, which are personally identifiable.  


For things like party planning, we offer social surveys.  With social surveys, all respondents have access to individual results, so everyone will be able to see exactly who's coming to the party, who's not and most importantly, who's bringing the snacks.


Sometimes qrvey makers prefer to keep the results of their survey private. In this mode, respondents will not have access to any results, but the qrvey maker will still retain access to individual results.

Here is a helpful chart for quick reference:


Type of Qrvey Respondents see: Qrvey maker sees:
Social Individual results Individual results
Public Aggregated results Individual results
Private No results Individual results