Using URL Variables

By default, Qrvey will ask all respondents for their email address at the end of the qrvey if they're not already logged in or otherwise identified.  Makers can let respondents skip this step by simply passing the user's email address in the qrvey URL before the qrvey begins. Here's how:


Activate your Qrvey

First, create a new qrvey or duplicate an existing one, then under the "Share" tab, activate it as you normally would.  Then copy the qrvey URL provided.


Adding the Email Variable

To add a respondent's email address, just add the following string to the end of the default URL:




where [email] is a specific respondent's email address. Your new custom URL should look something like this:


When you send this link to your respondent, Qrvey will record the email in the URL and auto-populate it at the end of the Qrvey.  If the respondent updates their email during this step, the updated email will be captured as well. Please note that the email variable only accepts one email at a time, so it should only be used to create specific link for a single respondent.


Use Cases

Using the email variable is perfect for integrating Qrvey with third party systems to automatically send qrveys to customers, users or prospects.  By using the email variable, qrvey makers can create a qrvey once and send it out countless times, knowing that each response will be properly identified with the specific user you specified.