Individual Responses

In both Summary and Detailed View, Qrvey will display the aggregated results for each of your questions.  However, if you'd like to see the individual answers for each respondent, we offer two different ways to view this information.


Detailed View

In detailed view, you will find an Individual Responses link in the bottom righthand corner of each question. Expanding this option will display the responses for that question in chronological order.



You can exclude any respondent's answers from your results by hovering over their name and clicking the X that appears.  You can then click on Excluded to view all of the excluded answers and reinstate them as needed.

Note that when you exclude a respondent, ALL of that respondent's answers will be excluded from your analysis, not just a particular question. 




Individual Response View

If you select Individual Responses from the view menu shown below, you will be shown all of the answers for each respondent in the order which they were received. 



Clicking on the name or avatar of the respondent will show and hide that respondent's answers.