Survey 101


Creating a survey is a quick and easy process because is was designed to be. This article and accompanying video serves as a brief overview of the process. There are more detailed articles available for those who want to explore all of Qrvey's more advanced features.


Step 1: Create a New Qrvey

From the Qrvey dashboard, click on the "Create New" button to begin. 



Then select Survey from our growing list of feedback applications.




Step 2: Name Your Survey

Next, we'll give our survey a name and description.  Try to be as descriptive and interesting as possible, so your respondents will know what your survey is all about and want to participate. 


By default, the name and description you choose will be shown to respondents as a title page before the first question is asked.  If you'd prefer not to include a title page, you may select that option on the Design tab after you create your qrvey.  Without a title page, respondents will be taken immediately to the first question.



Step 3: Ask Your Questions

If you're not exactly sure what questions to ask, you can choose from one of our pre-built templates on the right side of the panel. Qrvey offers dozens of great templates to get you started and every template can be modified to fit your exact needs.  If you'd like to start from scratch, you can do that as well below. 



Choose the type of question you'd like to ask from the drop-down menu. All qrveys are meant to be quick, so there are only certain types of questions (i.e. quick ones) that you can choose from.


Type in your question and answers, then choose from the available options for that question type. For a detailed explanation of Qrvey's question types, see our question types article. You may also be interested in learning about Qrvey's advanced features like branching, piping and customization.

Once you're done adding questions, you can preview your survey by clicking "Preview" at the top of the page or you may continue by clicking on the "Publish" tab. 


Step 4: Customize

If you'd like to modify the colors of your survey or add your own custom logo, you can do so in the Customize tab. Learn more about Qrvey's customization options. 


Step 5: Activate and Publish

It's hard to believe, but you're almost done already!  There are only a few settings to check before your survey is live and ready to collect responses. 

First, select how long you'd like your survey to collect responses by setting the duration.  By default, surveys are set to "Never Expire", but if you'd like to only collect responses for a set period of time, you can specify the number of days you'd like your survey to be active. 



Next, select how you'd like the results of your survey to be shared.  By default, the aggregated results will be shared with all respondents when your survey ends. For more information see our results sharing article. You can also choose to be alerted via email every time a response is received.



Finally, click the Activate button to activate your survey and begin collecting responses.  

Note that once you activate your survey, you will not be allowed to make any further changes to your questions or customizations.  


You've just made a survey, good job!  You may now share your survey using any of the buttons and links at the bottom of the page, You can share via the social media buttons, copy the URL to add it to a website or blog, embed it using the iframe or javascript options, or just email it.  





Viewing Your Results

To view the results of your survey, just click on the "Analyze" tab of the top toolbar. To learn more about Qrvey's extensive analysis capabilities, click here, or learn more about adding this survey into an automation workflow.