Building Surveys on Mobile

Did you know you can build and manage your qrveys on your smartphone?  Yup, you sure can!  There are a few limitations, however.  This article will outline the differences.


No Branching

In order to keep the mobile experience simple, you will not be able to add branching to a survey you're building on a mobile device.  If you need to include branches, switch to a tablet or desktop to create your survey.


No Piping

Similar to Branching, you cannot create pipes on a mobile device, however you can reference existing pipes that were created on a tablet or desktop.  


No Customizations

Customization is a feature that allows you to add your own logo to your surveys and make the colors match your website or brand's look and feel.  This feature is also only available on tablets and desktop devices. 


Other than these three features, using Qrvey on a mobile device is just as quick and easy as on larger devices.  Building and sharing survey on the go is a great way to get answers fast, and analyzing results in realtime is incredibly useful.