API Quickstart Guide

Qrvey makes it easy to get started with our powerful suite of feedback collection apps.  Just following the steps below to get started.  

Step 1 - Try Us

Get familiar with all of Qrvey's apps by signing up for a free account here. You can create surveys, polls, quizzes and NPS on our website and send them out to friends, colleagues and customers to get a feel for just how quick and easy Qrvey is to collect feedback and analyze the results. Our website is built 100% on the Qrvey API.


Step 2 - Request API Access

When you're ready to begin integrating Qrvey with your website or application, request access to the API by completing the form here.  Most applications are processed within 24 hours. While you're waiting for your access tokens, you can begin looking at our API documentation.


Step 3 - Get Your Tokens

Once your account is active, you will receive an email with the two things you need to begin integration:

  • Base URL - where all your API calls will be made
  • API-key - your unique key that must be a part of every API call

Note: Be sure to keep this information private and do not post it publicly in your code.  


About the Qrvey API

Qrvey has a REST API that can be accessed via a variety of programming languages and platforms.  Our API documentation provides code samples for many popular platforms, but the list is by no means exhaustive.



To minimize compatibility issues, the Qrvey API is versioned, so the API you begin working with will not be changed unless you decided to upgrade to a newer version. We do encourage all developers to upgrade however, as we are rapidly adding new features and functionality. 



You can test the Qrvey API in our testing environment at: http://tryapi.qrvey.com



Presently, our API is organized into the following sections:

  • User - This is where you will find the functions for creating and managing users within the Qrvey system.

The remaining sections of the API deal with our suite of data collection apps and the specific calls needed to create, share, collect and analyze feedback. Our apps include the following: 

  • Quick Survey
  • Quick NPS
  • Audience Poll
  • On-Page Poll
  • Checklist
  • Quick Form
  • Quick Quiz
  • Widgets