NPS 101

Net Promoter Score®, or NPS®, is a metric that businesses can use to track their success in the eyes of their customers over time.  To learn more about NPS, click here. Qrvey makes it easy to set up and run NPS, just follow the steps below:

To begin, click on Create New from your dashboard, followed by Quick NPS from the menu.



Next, give your NPS a short name and description:



Once inside the Design view, click on the first question and replace YOUR BUSINESS with your business name.  Since NPS is a standardized metric, you are not able to change the text of this question, only the business name.



Next, you may update the text of the follow-up question if you'd like by clicking on the question.  



If you'd like to customize your NPS with your own logo and color scheme, take a look at our article on Customizing Surveys.

Once you're happy with your questions, continue to the Share tab in the top toolbar. Here you can set the duration for your NPS.  We recommend setting to Never Expire so you can send the NPS to your customers on a perpetual basis and track how your score changes over time.



You may also choose whether or not to share your NPS score with respondents.  Setting results to "Public" will all respondents to see the results, while setting them to "Private" will make the results only accessible to you. 



Finally, when you're happy with all of your choices, you may click Activate to enable your NPS to begin collecting responses.  



Once activated, you can share your NPS link with your customers via your website, email or social media.  Qrvey will collect responses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and update you on how your score is changing over time. The more responses you can collect from your customers the better, so be sure to share it with them with regularly or with every transaction.