Viewing NPS Results

The real power of NPS® is in tracking your score over time.  This article outlines how to do that with the results page for NPS. You can navigate to the results page by clicking See Results next to your NPS on your dashboard. 



The first thing you will be presented with on the page is your NPS score over the past few days.  You can also toggle this chart to display your score in weeks and months as well.  There is also an option for viewing the number of responses that have been received over those time periods. 



Score Summary


Next you'll find a score summary, which displays your current NPS score and the breakdown of your promoters, passives and detractors.  For more information on how the NPS score is calculated, click here.



Score Details

If you click See Details in the lower left corner of your score summary, you'll see even more information about your score, including a breakdown of each answer choice. 




Below your score is the comments window, where you'll find a chronological list of all the comments you have received.  This list can be filtered to display only the positive, negative or neutral comments if you wish.