Audience Poll 101

Qrvey's Audience Poll application is perfect for asking questions of a live audience in real time.  This article describes how the process work and how to add an audience pool to your next presentation. We will also outline what your audience will see as they answer your questions. 


Creating Your Questions

Creating an audience poll is just like creating a survey or other qrvey.  Start form your dashboard by selecting Create New and then Audience Pool.



Then give your poll a quick name and description. 



Once in design view, adding questions for your audience to answer is just like adding them for a Quick Survey, the only difference is that questions are now called Slides since they will be presented to your audience one at a time as you move through your presentation.

When you're done adding questions, click Share your qrvey in the bottom righthand corner of the page or Share in the top toolbar. 


Activating Your Poll

When you're happy with your slides and are ready to add them to your presentation, click the Activate button. You will be given a presenter's URL for your presentation and an audience URL and access code for your audience.  

The audience information is useful if you'd like to send them in advance to your participants, but are not required since they will be displayed in the presenter URL. 



Presenter View

When clicking on the Presenter URL, you will enter a slideshow where each of your questions are presented one at a time.  This URL can be accessed from any modern web browser.  Each slide displays your question and provides your audience with instructions on how to answer it.  

The results will appear below your question in real time as they are received. 



When you are ready to advance to the next slide, simply click the arrow buttons in the upper right corner. 


What Does My Audience See?

When your audience points their web browsers to they will first be asked for your presentation's access code. 



After entering your presentation's unique access code, audience members will be shown your first question. All audience members will only be allowed to answer each question once and they will not be allowed to proceed to the next question until you, as the presenter, move to that slide from the Presenter URL. 

At the end of the poll, your audience members will be thanked for their participation. 



Viewing Results Offline

As with all qrveys, the results of your audience poll will remain available to you unless you delete them.  From your dashboard, simply click See results to review the results of your poll any time you'd like.