Security 101

Security is something we take seriously here at Qrvey. A feedback platform can only be successful if it is trusted by those submitting their answers and opinions to your questions. Here are a few security items that should be on your radar:

Your API Key

When you sign up for an account you'll be given a unique API key. This key is yours and must be passed as part of every request you make to our API.  This key will never expire as long as you are a customer. If your key becomes compromised, or you'd simply like to update it with a new one, please contact us and we'll be happy to issue you a new key and expire your current key. 

Protect Your Key

You should always make every effort to keep your API-key private and not publicly accessible.  Keeping your key server side and not part of client-side code is always a best practice.  You will be responsible for any API calls that are made using your API-key.  

Using SSL

All requests to the Qrvey API must be done over SSL. Remember that your API requests not only contain sensitive information for you, (like your API key) but also potentially for those answering your surveys. 

Server Security

Qrvey's infrastructure is housed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is distributed globally as demand dictates.  

Protecting Your Data

As per our privacy policy and terms of service, we will not share any data you collect with any third parties.  Your data is yours and is always secure at Qrvey.