On-Page Poll 101

On-Page Poll is a great way to collect thoughts and opinions from your users right from your website. It's quick, easy and very powerful. Here's how it works:

  1. Create a quick one-question poll
  2. Add a snippet of HTML to your website
  3. When users visit, they will be prompted to answer
  4. Once answered, the survey disappears

Here's how to add in-context feedback to your website:


Step 1: Create Your Poll

Creating an on-page poll is a snap.  Just choose "Create New" from your dashboard, then select "On-Page Poll," then give your poll and name and description so you can easily identify it later. 



Once in Design view, choose the question type you'd like to ask, then ask your question.  Note that On-Page Polls are limited to just one question. 


After you've added your question, you can continue to the Customize panel to choose how your poll will look and behave.



Step 2: Customize Your Poll

Click on Customize in the upper toolbar to customize how your poll with look and behave.  





You can first assign a title to your poll.  This is the label that will appear if you select one of our two tab positions below.  You can then select a color for your poll to better match your brand.  The live preview on the right side of the page will show you what your poll will look like as you design it. 



On-Page Polls have five position options you can choose from. Expandable tabs can be slid in from either the left or right side of your page. Modal windows will require respondents to either answer the question(s) or close the window, while the "Square" option will overlay your website, but still leave it fully functional without requiring an action.  There is also an option to directly embed your poll into the HTML of your page.



Additionally, you are able to set the number of seconds you'd like Qrvey to wait before displaying the questionnaire to your users.





When you're happy with your selections, click Save, then continue to the share tab to activate your qrvey. 


Step 3: Add The Code Snippet

After activating your qrvey, you will be presented with a few types of code snippets to add to your website. Choose the snippet that best fits your application.  Snippets should be added inside the <body> of your webpage.  They will not function if placed outside of the body. 



Step 4: View The Results

Once your On-Page Poll has been deployed, you can view the results as you normally would for any qrvey, by clicking See Results next to the qrvey in your dashboard.