Release Highlights

The Qrvey feedback platform is continually being updated with fixes, features and improvements requested by our customers.  If you have a great idea for something you'd like to see added to Qrvey, be sure to let us know about your suggestion.  

This article highlights all of the major additions and changes to the Qrvey platform. If you have any questions or comments on anything you see here, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you. 


2017 - Q1

  • Qrvey PLAY Mode - Get the full Qrvey experience by logging into a special account with tons of data and results to explore.
  • Introduced Dashboards - Assemble visualizations from multiple qrveys and data sets onto one convenient page. 
  • Lookup Tables - This new question type allows for the lookup of values from pre-defined lists or Google sheets.
  • Nested Branching - Now you can add branches within branches, up to five levels deep, for all your surveys, forms and progressive questions.
  • All New Branching UI - Branches are now easier to create with an all-new user interface that also allows for jumping from one question to another.
  • More Options - Now you can have up to 15 multiple choice options and up to 20 characters for each word expression selection.   
  • Better NPS Analytics - Charts and graphs for NPS analytics have been updated with a new look and the ability to filter by comment sentiment.
  • AutoSave - Workflows in Automation are automatically saved so you’ll never accidentally delete an important change.  
  • Never Expire - All qrveys now default to “never expire” so you won’t need to worry about expired qrveys in your Automation workflows.  


2016 - Q4

  • Quiz App – Quizzes are a great, fun way to test knowledge and collect feedback at the same time. See who tops the leaderboard and who needs to study up.
  • Progressive Question App – Learn more about users or customers by asking questions slowly over time.  Just add intervals to ask questions daily, weekly or whenever it makes the most sense.
  • Enhanced Embedding – Now you can embed any qrvey into your website or blog.
  • Webhooks – Have other services trigger workflows inside of Qrvey and vice versa.
  • Checklist App - Simple checklists for seeing what's done and what's left to do.
  • Forms App - Quickly collect infomation by adding forms to your website or app. 
  • Introduced Automation - Automation triggers, actions and scheduling for workflow creation.
  • In-Context Feedback App - Add a survey or poll directly to your website or app. 


2016 - Q3

  • Increased Question Limits - do even more with Qrvey by asking up to 30 questions at a time.
  • Qrvey Mobile Apps - now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play
  • Audience Polling App - take a pulse of a live audience and see the results in real time. 
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score) App - see what your customers think about your brand over time. 
  • Image Question Type - just like a multiple choice question, only with pictures.
  • New templates - get started even faster with new enhanced templates.
  • Favorite questions - mark a question as a favorite for quick reuse later.
  • Customization -  add your own logo and adjust all of the colors to better match your website or brand.
  • Create On The Go - Qrvey's web interface now supports making simple qrveys on small screens.


2016 - Q2

  • UI Improvements - taking a qrvey just got a whole lot better thanks to numerous UI improvements.
  • Email notifications - get notified when someone answers your qrvey.
  • More UI Improvements - making a qrvey was also improved with visual and flow improvements.
  • Responsive Design - qrvey dashboards are now mobile-friendly. 
  • Expression question type - let respondents choose how they feel based on words that you select.  
  • Text Field question type - allow respondents to type in short answers of 120 characters or less.
  • Private Qrveys - Qrvey results can now be set to private, which allows only qrvey makers to see the results.  
  • Filtering results - expanded analytic capabilities allow for filtering to drill down into specific answers. 
  • Social sharing - qrvey results can now also be easily shared via link or social media.
  • Qrvey's first public release - April 22nd, including Quick Survey app.