Using the Wordpress Plugin

Adding an On-Page Poll to your Wordpress site is quick and easy using our Wordpress plugin.  This article describes the process of installing and using the plugin with your Wordpress installation. 


Step 1 - Download

Download the Qrvey In-Context plugin for Wordpress by using the link below. You will also find the download link on the Share tab of your in-context qrvey. Our plugin is compatible with all recent versions of Wordpress.

Download Wordpress Plugin


Step 2 - Install

Install the Qrvey plugin just as you would any other Wordpress plugin.  Select Plugins > Add New from the Wordpress menu, then choose the .zip file you just downloaded and click Install Now. Once installed, don't forget to activate the plugin. 




Step 3 - Add your qrveys

After you've installed and activated the qrvey plugin, you will see a new Qrvey In-Context tab in your Wordpress toolbar. Here is where you will link to all of the In-Context qrveys and turn them into simple short codes you can quickly paste into your posts or pages. 



To link an in-context qrvey, open a new browser tab with the Qrvey application, navigate to the Share tab, then click the Wordpress icon to display the QrveyID and Domain information. 



Copy the QrveyID and Domain codes into their corresponding areas in Wordpress and click Add when complete.



Step 4 - Copy the shortcode

Now that you have your qrvey linked to Wordpress, simply copy the shortcode provided. 



Then paste it into your page or post as shown below.  Shortcodes can appear anywhere on the page and will not interfere with the formatting of the rest of your page.