Adding Conditions

Conditions are powerful attributes that you can add to Triggers so that they only fire if certain conditions are met.  In this article, we'll review what conditions are are how you can employ them in your flows. 


Adding Conditions

Conditions can be added to certain triggers, such as a New Response trigger, to define scenarios that must be met before the trigger will fire.  They cannot be added to triggers such as scheduling, which are fired based on the timings you set.  

To add a condition, simply select Add Condition in the lower-right corner of the trigger you are working on.




Types of Conditions

Qrvey offers two different types of conditions:

  • if answer is - allows you to specify which particular questions/answers should trigger the action.
  • if # responses is - allows you to specify a certain number of responses that will trigger the action.




Once you've selected the condition you'd like to use, you can then configure it.  In the example below, we've chosen to take actions only for responses that prefer to receive their invoices via postal mail and live in Virginia.  

You can add as many different question and answer combinations as you'd like to a single conditions and you can also have multiple conditions to address different scenarios.  




After you've specified the conditions that need to be met, you can add the actions that applies to that condition below it.  Conditional actions work just like regular actions that apply to your entire workflow.