Checklist 101

Checklist is the perfect app for performing quick status checks with friends, family or coworkers.  Respondents are presented with a simple checklist that can be quickly answered from anywhere and 


Creating a Checklist

To create a checklist, just select Create New from the dashboard, select the Checklist app, then give your checklist a name and description.



Once in the Design tab, you may choose whether to show your respondents a title page, with the name and description you just chose, or send them directly to the first checklist.



You may now begin adding up to 15 items to the first section of your checklist.


If you'd like to add additional sections to your checklist, click the + Add button, then choose New Section. You also have the option to Add Text, which will provide respondents with a panel where you can add comments, instructions or additional information before they answer your checklist.




Customizing Checklists

If you'd like to change the colors of your checklist or upload a custom logo, you can click the Customize tab. To learn more about customizations, click here. Customizations are not required and you can skip ahead to the Publish tab.





Publishing Your Checklist

In the Publish tab, you can choose how you'd like to send or embed your checklist. The Duration area will let you choose how long you'd like your checklist to accept responses. By default, all qrveys are set to never expire, but you can choose a shorter duration if you wish.



In the Results Sharing section, you can choose whether to share the results with your respondents or keep them all to yourself


You may also choose whether you'd like to receive email notifications when someone responds to your checklist.


When you are happy with all of your checklist settings, you can Activate it by clicking the button.  Note that once activated, you will not be able to modify the design or customization options. 



After activation, you can choose from any of the publishing options below to share via link, email, social media or embedding into your website or blog.





Viewing Checklist Results

To learn more about viewing the results of your checklists, click here.