Customizing Progressive

Given that progressive questions will be embedded inside your website or application, it's important to make sure they match the look and feel of the rest of your page. You can easily accomplish this in the Customize tab. In this article, we will explore the available options. 

Inside the customize tab, you will make changes in the left side of the page, while seeing a live preview of how your questions will appear on the right.  Feel free to click around on the right side of the page to see exactly how things will look to your respondents. 


Titles & Colors

First, you have the ability to set the title of the tab or window your questions will appear in.  Next, you can choose the color of the tab or window and also the main color that will appear for elements like buttons and navigation arrows. 




After you have selected your titles and colors, you must next choose how your questions will appear.  Qrvey offers five different position options, including two slide-in tabs and a pop-up and corner window. There is also a direct embed option if you'd prefer to display your questions in a <DIV> directly on your page. 



Once you are happy with all of your choices, click Apply and Continue to activate and publish your questions. 



You may also save your customizations for later use by clicking Save and giving them a name.